Safer smart contracts

We strive to make smart contract interactions as simple and safe as traditional web solutions. We provide easy to understand real time smart contract risk assessments for every smart contract on six blockchains

Ultravity provides real-time smart
contract risk assessment

Our application offers real-time identification of potential vulnerabilities, risk scoring, and the ability to simulate transactions for any smart contract address, ensuring the security and integrity of smart contract interactions.

Real-time assessment

Instantly identify known vulnerabilities and key warning signs

Risk modelling

Our dynamic risk model updates and adjusts our scores based on contract reports and blacklists


Provide real-time feedback on contracts, identify known bad-actors and help us improve our scoring

Multichain Support

Access information on smart contracts across multiple chains from Ethereum to Avalanche

Transaction Simulation

Simulate transactions before approving them to know exactly what will happen, avoiding unintended transactions

Wallet Integration

Run simulations and view
risk scores directly in your

Ultravity Dashboard

Manage and track your smart contract reports in one place

Track contract history

View your contract history and see how scores have changed over time

Organise and sort your contracts

Customisable contract names and advanced searching to quickly locate scores

Ultravity Scores

View detailed scores and analytics across contracts

15+ data sources and parameters

Our proprietary risk model draws on

Individual Ultravity scan

Our simplified scan highlights the key components of the score

Supported Chains

We support smart contracts from a range of chains.

Ultravity is currently available in Alpha

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